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Project type: Personal work

Source: None yet :(

Time of work: January 2012 - Ongoing

Features: It's very clean. ;)

Tags: PHP, MODX, HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery


This is my site, which has gone through many evolutions over the past few years since its original inception. Originally, it started out as just a bunch of custom PHP files combined with raw HTML. Its design worked, but it was very bland, and after I while I started experimenting with different CMSes to find one which would work for me. I did actually try making my own CMS, which is what you see when you look at the "SmartboysSite" repo on my github, but it proved to be too much work. All these iterations proved unsuccessful partly because either it was too much work or the flexibility I wanted wasn't there.

After asking on a Linux user's group mailing list for suggestions for a CMS, I finally settled on MODX, which had similar ideals to what I waned out of a CMS. I am not doing as much with plugins in MODX, but I plan to as soon as I have all the information on my site up and have my site's theme fixed. I am not a designer, but a developer, so my themes usually take a lot longer to create, but I am proud of it so far. If you'd like to keep track of my efforts then visit my blog.

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