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Wonderland Cyber Defense Scoring Engine

Project type: Capstone Project/Personal Work


Time of work: June 2012 - Ongoing

Features: A modular framework for automating the scoring of cyber defense competitions of various sizes.

Tags: Python, Flask, MongoDB, REST, Multiprocessing, Cheshire Cat, Doorknob, White Rabbit

REVEAL - Relational Event Toolkit

Project type: Hired work

Employer: Berico Technologies

Role on project: Web developer and designer

Time of work: June 2011 - August 2011

Features: Force-directed graph (modified for use in project), Quick toolbar navigation, Static page-to-page nagivation

Tags: C#, ASP.NET MVC 3, Javascript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, Db4o, Java, Hadoop, Proprietary

How 'bout Coffee

Project type: Personal work


Event: Startup Weekend Redmond 2012

Time of work: Febuary 17-19, 2012

Features: Compared the free times in two peoples' calendars and returned times during which a meeting could be scheduled.

Tags: PHP, JSON, client-server architecture, Windows Phone 7.1

SmartTE - Rich Text Editor

Project type: Personal work


Time of work: March 2010 - On hold

Features: Opened and saved text in BBCode, font formatting, paragraph formatting

Tags: Python, PyGTK, BBCode parser, Rich text, Ribbon-style interface, GPL

Haxxit - Turn-based Strategy Game

Project type: Personal work


Time of work: December 2010 - On hold


Features: Custom 2D gui, playable, attacking, AI moves toward closest program with least nodes

Tags: Python, Pygame, Object oriented programming, Inheritance, SmartboyPL

Prodigy Shared Learning System

Project type: Class group work

Role on project: Middleware developer


Time of work: October 2011 - December 2011

Features: Add/edit/delete classes, Add/edit/delete lessons, Manage/register/login users

Tags: PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Object orientated, Public domain

PrisPy - Python/Webkit port of Mozilla Prism

Project type: Personal work


Time of work: December 2009 - On hold

Features: Allows viewing of web pages, basic toolbar, first GUI project

Tags: Python, PyGTK, WebkitGtk, SmartPL

Smartboy's Site

Project type: Personal work

Source: None yet :(

Time of work: January 2012 - Ongoing

Features: It's very clean. ;)

Tags: PHP, MODX, HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery

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