Out with the old, in with the new

This just in, I am changing hosts, as well as revamping the website. Keep on the lookout for smartboyatho.me, the new domain for my site!

So, I'm finally getting around to updating the website. Yeah, it took me long enough, but combined with the fact that I have been so busy at my job and the fact that I spend a lot of my free weekends with my family, so I often don't have the energy to update it. Plus, my experiences from cybersecurity competitions at my university taught me that I don't want to maintain my own server anymore, and I really don't have time to do all that would be necessary to keep it up to date. That is why I am moving from Linode, which I still very much endorse, to Site5, which gave me an easy installation of ModX, the CMS I still favor.

Excuses aside, I updated the CSS slightly to use more recent standards such as media queries in order to support mobile devices. I also switched it over to using a fluid grid layout rather than the hacky stuff with multiple fixed widths that I was doing before. The CSS for the blog section will also need to be updated since it is currently broken on all browsers I have tested. With the newer grid-based layout, I should be able to achieve the effect I was going for with greater ease than the current hack that was put in place when I set it up.

Besides the visuals, I'll be changing the topic of this blog slightly to talk about my views on the latest debate that is happening at work. I don't expect it to get a lot of (if any) views, as my site today gets very few, but if anyone does end up looking at my site, they'll be able to get a better insight into how I think. It will also give me the ability to look into how I've grown as a programmer over time, more than I currently can given I haven't always talked about programming on the previous iteration of my blog. Finally, it'll give my blog more purpose than it has had in the past, since I didn't really know what to write on it before.

Anyway, that's a look at what's in store and what is coming up next. One last thing I'd like to note is that you can also get to my site via smartboyatho.me (based off of the name I've used online for years) alongside the old URL smartboyssite.com. I've been using the former URL while doing the development of the site, and if you are seeing this at the time it is published, then you'll have somehow found that link. At some point I'll probably be adding HTTPS into the mix, but for now I have enough to do in order to get the new rendition of this site ready for prime time.

So, until this goes live, I need to think of a good ending for my blogs... Oh well, this is as good as any!

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